The PCR Laboratory is used for the testing of human blood plasma for the presence of transmissible viruses. The testing technique is sensitive to both introduced organic materials and test derived materials. The various stages of the test are segregated by the use of total outside air supply, cascading room pressures, contained test environments, intermediate airlocks and door interlocking.

These attributes ensure that the potential for process contamination is minimised during operation. The building services and critical environment variables are constantly monitored and if an abnormal event is detected the system will respond in a manner that protects the integrity of the building.

The PCR Laboratory makes specific use of new technologies for accelerating the testing of blood for viruses like Hepatitis and HIV.

The building was designed with a uni-directional perimeter corridor that provides access to the individual laboratory spaces. The design prevents back-contamination of samples that undergo a series of processes in a strict order. Mechanical and electrical services aid this requirement by controlling air flow, maintaining air purity and enforcing electronic personnel access systems.

The facility puts CSL Bioplasma at the forefront of blood plasma testing technology on the international stage.

Built by Hooker Cockram 2002

CSL Limited PCR Laboratory